Akashic Record Soul Realignments

What is a Soul Realignment ™ and what are Akashic record readings?

The Akashic Records are like a database in an etheric dimension which hold all the records of every soul in each of its lifetimes.  Sharon can access these records and help you learn more about your most Divine self.   You will learn how your soul best expresses itself, the primary lesson you chose to experience in this lifetime, and any special gifts you have acquired throughout your lifetimes. 

“Positive choices” that are in alignment with your divine nature will make your life fulfilling and abundant in all areas.   Choices which are not in alignment create energetic blocks and restrictions to accessing your best self.  Sharon will go over with you in your session, discuss how they still show up for you and will clear them, as well as discussing new choice and actions on your part.

Some Negative patterns can include:
*Thought forms that you uphold through choice, even if they’re not best for you (ie: limitation, lack,      guilt).
*Energetic hooks and cords that allow others to draw energy from you
*Portal ways that distract you from your highest and best self
*Contracts and Vows, that you created in past lifetimes that limit your free will today
and so much more!

Sharon is very passionate about this work and has witnessed major transformation in peoples lives, allowing them to stand in their power, be self aware of their choices that are triggers to old beliefs and choose new action moving forward. 

Soul Realignment session ~ includes clearing and mp3 recording only $225.00!

What people are saying: 

“Sharon was able to, in great detail, explain issues that I carried forward into this lifetime, explaining my triggers, what to avoid and what to be aware of to change my actions.  I have been able to make many positive changes in my life based on the guidance she gave me”.  

“I felt stronger and stronger after each day I read my clearing. .It has been an adjustment but in all good ways.  I am so appreciative and would love do do more work. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family”.  Heather Nov, 2018


Readings are done via Zoom, and you will receive a recording of your session. 

Readings are strictly confidential

Contact Sharon to schedule your session   email sharon@sharondangelo.com    telephone (413) 297-2570

Click here for information on Level Two Readings (after initial soul profile and clearing)


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