Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Guidance Readings and Soul Sessions

Do you feel stuckRepeating patterns that you know don’t work?  Difficulty finding positive and loving relationships? At a crossroad and need to make an important decision?   or just looking for some guidance?
I would love to work with you! 

I offer Intuitive Tarot & Oracle card readings, I am a psychic medium, and a Soul Realignment ™ Practitioner, and this is how I can help you. 

A Tarot and Oracle card reading is a great way to get a new perspective on what’s going on in any situation and help you see what you can do to change your course.  You always have free will and my reading style is in complete alignment with that.  All information is strictly confidential.   

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  • Unlock your Magic!

As a psychic and medium, I sense your energy as well as connect with those in the spirit world, which is very healing.  My intent is to be a clear channel for spirit, providing loving, healing, helpful and validating messages. I use these gifts in all of my work. This is very helpful in the Akashic records, where I receive intuitive information from your Spirit guides and your higher self  

Soul Realignment ™ session – I access your Akashic records, and research your soul’s journey through its incarnations.  You will learn about your Soul’s Divine expression, all the gifts you bring into this lifetime, and the theme your soul chose for this lifetime.  If you make choices that are in alignment with this expression, do your divinity, it can unlock abundance, love, happiness and a fulfilling life. 

You will also learn about any patterns from your current or past lives that can block access to this Divine expression.  We will clear it from your record, and discuss ways to make choices that are more in alignment with your Divine Nature,  All information is strictly confidential.   Click here for more information

So, what do think?  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thank you!
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