How Can a Reading Help You?

                 “Life is a sum of all your choices”……Albert Camus

Tarot and Oracle cards are a wonderful way to dig deeper into a situation, learn about your relationships, or get more insight on how the potential of energy is manifesting at a given point in time.  They also can show any roadblocks ahead as well as help you grow as you learn more about yourself.  

How can a reading help you?  Some questions you can ask…….

What is going on – right now?
What steps can I take to move forward in a positive way?                                Types of Readings & Prices
what actions can I take to improve my situation?
What’s the potential of my situation?
What am I not seeing?
What do I need to understand about my situation?
What are the challenges ahead?
What is blocking me at this time?                                                         

What can I learn from this relationship?         
How can I best move forward?
And so much more……..

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.                                                                         Wisdom of the Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid