Level II readings

Level Two sessions open the door to many ways to learn more about yourself.  After your initial Soul Profile and clearing, Sharon works with you to see where you are in alignment and how you can improve situations at work, relationships, your goals and personal growth, how you best manifest, Chakra analysis reports and meeting your Spirit Guide Team. 

Listed below are Level Two readings: (prerequisite – soul profile and clearing)

Energetic Tune up $60.00 (recommended 4-6 months after your original session) Sharon re-connects with your Akashic records to see if old patterns are gone for good and if any new patterns have come up.  Sometimes clearing work is a bit like peeling an onion.  Once the first layer is cleared. More patterns may be revealed. Spirit will only give you what you are ready to hear.  (approximate time 1/2 hr.)

“Snap Shot” situation reading $75.00 – Especially helpful if you are meeting resistance in a specific area in your life. The goals you set are just not happening, you are hitting roadblocks at every turn, and you can’t seem to get things going in the direction you want them to go.

Send Sharon an email that contains what your situation is and how you would prefer to see it unfold (your intention).  Sharon looks for any blocks and restrictions coming up around the situation that are keeping you from achieving your goals.  Please be as specific as you can in your email – your story and intention is the most important thing that Sharon focuses on.  Even if things don’t seem related – provide all the roadblocks you are experiencing.  If  any blocks or restrictions are located, we will clear them.  

Relationship reading$97.00 (for spouses, live-in relationships & children under 18)

*Also available for business partners, siblings, older children and close friends – with permission from both parties*

This is a great way to get deeper insight between you and a loved one.  Sharon will access both records and research why you chose each other, what lessons you are here to experience and what you can learn from each other.  Also, how you bring out the best in each other.   She will also let you know if there are any negative patterns that exist between you and work with you to clear them.  Past life connections will also be revealed.  This reading is especially helpful for parents to understand their children, why their soul chose you as their parent, and who they are at soul level so you can understand them better and guide them in a positive way. 

(not suitable for exes)

Personal Manifestation Report $97.00  –  Discover all the ways your Soul best manifests.  Some of us are goal oriented, some are process oriented.  Some like to be similar,  some like to be completely different.  Some are innovative and others are re-inventive.  Knowing how you best manifest clears the way to reaching your goals.  Avoiding what doesn’t work for you saves time and energy.   Sharon goes over each manifestation comparison with you (total of 7 comparisons), and discusses ways you can do your best manifesting.  

Chakra analysis $47.00 – discover how balanced each of your seven main chakras are.  Imbalances in either direction can affect how you experience things, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Sharon explores each one, and discusses how any imbalances are affecting you.  Also included is a chakra balancing and clearing meditation at the end of your session. 

Meet your Spirit Guide Team $75.00 – Sharon connects with your team and lets you know who they are, what position they hold on your team, what area of your life they are guiding you in and if they have any specific messages for you.   She will answer any questions you may have for them at the end of your session.

** All Sessions are done over the phone or video chat **

Contact Sharon to arrange payment and to schedule your session.  Thank you for continuing to work with Sharon.  Her goal is always to assist and support her clients stand in their power, be more mindful and self-aware and co-create their best life.