Aligning with the Moon

We are connected to the phases of the moon.  To align with the energy of each of the phases just makes life easier. Here are the main phases of the moon, and what type of energy is surrounding it.  Also, are some ideas of things to do during each phase.    Full Moon –  Waning […]

Ritual for Healing

Timing:  Full Moon Items needed: candle (size & color your choice) large thumbtack, toothpick or pointy item (for carving candle) Think about the situation or person you want to send healing to  (be sure you have their permission) Feel the love and healing in your heart – send it out through your hands Use the […]

Setting Intentions

Intentions are wishes……once you set an intention, you are telling the universe “This is what I want to manifest”   Desire + will = intention Let the universe figure out the details – connect with the essence of your intention, not the way it will manifest. Another tip:  pull a Tarot or Oracle card to […]