Here’s what people are saying about their experience working with me

“I felt stronger and stronger after each day I read my akashic record clearing. .It has been an adjustment but in all good ways.  I am so appreciative and would love do do more work. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family”.  Heather Nov, 2018

“Hey Sharon, thank you so much for your reading. It was very much a reflection of the overall elements in my current situation, and was spookily accurate. I would definitely recommend you”.    Shann

Hi Sharon.  You answered very accurately and detailed. You were also kind and professional. I liked getting a picture of the layout also.  I will definitely recommend you in the future.  Thank you again for taking the time to do my reading.   Namaste.     Karla     

Thank you for your reading! It really describes my situation. Your reading helps me to really accept what happened and inspires me to be better to improve my relationships. I also appreciate your pieces of advice.  I’m also thankful for the affirmation at the end

Hi Sharon, thank you for my reading.  The affirmation is wonderful, and exactly the sort of thought/intention I need to have at the front of my mind. I will remind myself of this.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are indeed a very intuitive reader.
Love and gratitude,  Nora

Thank you so much for your reading. Thanks for helping me realize I need to do incorporate meditation back in my life.  Thank you for the Affirmations.

“Before I started working with Sharon, I will admit, that I was a little lost, scared, nervous and unsure of where I fit in, when it came to my spiritual gifts and spirituality. I started taking Wicca 101 and attending monthly Moon groups, with Sharon.

During the Wicca class, Sharon provided the class with valuable knowledge, her wisdom, hands-on training, and her full support. Sharon always makes herself available, if her students need anything. While working with Sharon in class, I always felt safe. I was able to be myself, ask questions, and make mistakes. She always creates a judgment free zone, with her caring personality for everyone. Whether they are just starting out on their spiritual/witchy journey, or already on their path, or simply just curious; no matter what level you are, she welcomes you with open arms.  

After working with Sharon, I have seen a big improvement in my spirituality and confidence. I have completed her Wicca 101 class and attend her monthly Moon Groups, as often as I can, which are awesome, and a couple of other classes that she teaches. Sharon has helped me find a place, within the witching community and within in myself. I am very thankful.